I submit to 60 million users daily - Phil Basten
I submit to 60 million users daily - Jane Mark
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We've joined forces with a mega advertising supplier with millions of users you can reach with one click using premium submitters, so you get more signups and sales in less time!
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Imagine using 12 mega submitters each day forever. Imagine how much easier your marketing life could be. If you can enter a few details and click your mouse, you'll find it super simple to use these excellent submitters.
  • Two email submitters.
  • A search engine submitter.
  • An ezine ad submitter.
  • A WordPress showcase submitter.
  • A blog ad submitter.
  • A website crawler.
  • A smart iPhone ad submitter.
  • A web to IP ad submitter.
  • A classified ad submitter.
  • A social media ad submitter.
  • A directory and subdirectory submitter.
We love these submitters. They are so easy to use. The email submitters are huge, and we use them daily. We enter our ad details and click, and our messages reach millions.
Even better. The ONE-TIME price is so affordable.
Platinum Level $67
Basic Email Ad Submitter.
Reach up to 60 million active users.
Advanced Email Ad Submitter.
Reach up to 60 million active users.
Search Engine Submitter. 
Submit to 96 engines daily.
Ezine Ad Submitter.
Post in thousands daily
The WordPress Showcase
Website Submitter
Blog Ad Submitter.
Submit your offers to 500 blogs daily.
Directory And Subdirectory
Ad Submitter.
Classified Ad Submitter.
Post to thousands of users daily.
Web-To-IP Ad Submitter.
Reach over 1 million users daily.
Smart Phone Ad Submitter.
Reach millions daily.
Social Media Ad Submitter.
Send to 74 social networks.
The Powerful Pinger.
Get your website crawled quicker.
At only $67 one time, this vast marketing service is a no-brainer!
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